Who Are the Mithril Knights?

Chivalry is a high code of noble principle, which is of most ancient origin. Courage and honor endure forever. Their echoes remain when the mountains have fallen and crumbled to dust. These codes must be embraced by all who would be called a Mithril Knight.

The Mithril Knights, this brotherhood of warriors, was created in the second incarnation of the Tolkien-based message board known as TheOneRing.Com, or TORC. It was formed by our esteemed Guild Master, Lord Elbren, Ranger of the North, upon the occasion of the institution of the Guilds and Alliances forum during the First Reconfiguration of TORC.

With the passing of Age of the Three Visualizations, in the Seventh re-incarnation of the TORC message boards, the Guild was resurrected and reestablished. Smaug’s Bane, embodying the character of Sir Dirk, was elected to serve as Steward of the Guild until such time as our Guild Master returns.

The Mithril Knights Guild is dedicated to the particular form of written expression known as RP. We write role-play stories collectively, stories that tell of the exploits and adventures of this Warrior’s Guild as its members uphold their sworn duty to act as Guardians of Middle Earth. The high standard of storytelling ability and writing skill is a hallmark of the Guild and its activities. Each member portrays a complexly created character and contributes to the creation of the tales of adventure.

New members must display their level of skill and literally write their way into the Guild. A superior knowledge of the histories, territories, and peoples pertaining to the world created by JRR Tolkien should be displayed, with the goal being to collectively create Tales of Adventure and heroic exploits that The Master, JRR Tolkien might have read and enjoyed.

Come now and walk the hallowed halls of our humble Guild House and read of the daring achievements of our knights, read their histories and exploits and adventures. Come join us in vicarious quest throughout the Lands and Ages of Middle Earth. Come join the Mithril Knights.

-Lord Erinhue of Belfalas, Guild Herald


For more information about joining the guild, please see the "How to Join" page. If you have further questions, contact the Herald at